N26 already has Bizum and the season is open for fintech

Bizum has finally reached N26 customers, a 100% mobile digital bank with no commissions

Bizum N26 is a payment platform integrated into the app that links your phone number to your bank account and allows you to send and receive money instantly between customers of different banks, using only the recipient's phone number.

The fintech has already confirmed that all customers with a Spanish IBAN can now link their accounts in N26 with Bizum

N26 will have to convince fintech users to use Bizam with them, not others. Because, above all, the rule of one account per user can be maintained.

N26 has the honor of being the first Neobank to join Bizum's select group

Vivid Money, Rebellion or Wise They are also on the list of those who could enter to compete

N26 made several promises a few months ago. One of them was to enter Bizum at some point after the summer