Many days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, she is being cremated and people from all over the world have come for her funeral.

The United Kingdom and the world on Monday bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II with a state funeral attended by top politicians from several countries

Big political people from many countries attended it, as well as people from many countries all over the city, had come to see the funeral of the Queen.

In a country known for pomp and pageantry, the first state funeral since Winston Churchill was that of Queen Elizabeth II.

Many queens of the British royal family, Queen, and King Charles were walked in this funeral with queen Elizabeth's coffin

King Charles thanked the big political people from many countries for coming to this condolence ceremony.

Royal Navy sailors used ropes to carry his flag-wrapped coffin to Westminster Abbey, where some 2,000 people, ranging from world leaders, gathered to mourn.

Queen Elizabeth became the Queen of the British the year 1952 and she was also very popular in the whole of Britain.

Queen Elizabeth died on 8 September 2022 and her son King Charles III  became King of the United Kingdom.