Hollywood Star couple Black Lively and Ryan Reynolds have a new guest in the family

Black Lively and Ryan Reynolds are about to give birth to their fourth child

Black lively has clarified from her social media account that she and her husband Ryan Reynolds are going to give birth to another child.

Ryan Reynolds is a well-known actor in Hollywood, who is 45 years old and he is now going to see his fourth child, it is a very happy time for him.

He has thanked many people on social media and has given a befitting reply to many people who follow the no-kids policy.

black lively is also a well-known Hollywood actress, who has worked in many films.

black lively is 35 years old now and he is very happy with his family, he and Ryan Reynolds already have 3 kids and now 4th is coming

Ryan Reynolds and black lively married in 2012 before Ryan Reynolds married Scarlett Johansson

On social media, couples expressed their happiness in front of everyone about their fourth child.