Episode 5 of the Prime Video series at last introduced the mysterious hooded people clad in white robes seen in the trailers

“Partings” does not reveal their identity just yet. Rather, they appear in one short scene inspecting a piece of land

The predominant theory about The Rings of Powers‘ white-hooded figures is that they are part of the Cult of Melkor sent to the area by Sauron

Melkor is one of Morgoth’s monikers ,the villain vanquished in the war in the First Age of Middle-earth and Sauron’s mentor

The Cult of Melkor is a Morgoth-worshipping group established by Sauron. When Sauron was in Númenor in the Second Age

One of the cloaked figures in Episode 5 certainly has a religious, priestly look about them

They shroud their buzzed head in the white veil, wears a kind of metallic harness that looks ceremonial, and carries a staff

In their brief scene in “Partings,” the figure with the staff looks down upon their companion, who’s inspecting the Stranger’s crash site