Vladimir Putin threatens nuclear attack on Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to threaten the use of nuclear weapons during a televised address to the Russian people on Wednesday morning.

Putin said he was prepared to answer what the West depicted as "atomic coercion" by utilizing his nation's own weapons.

That's what the Russian president said "in the event that Russia feels that its regional respectability is undermined, we will utilize all safeguard strategies available to us, and this isn't a scam,"

Russia has forced extreme assents starting from the beginning of the Russian intrusion of Ukraine on February 24, yet Putin said he had "a ton of weapons" to answer apparent dangers from Western nations.

Putin answered his adversaries, saying, "The people who are attempting to extort us with atomic weapons ought to realize that the breezes can likewise turn in their own heading."

Putin is trying to give a big message to his enemy countries through his strong words.